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The Hotel Portmeirion and Castell Deudraeth

The Hotel Portmeirion is a nineteenth century Grade II listed building. Sir Clough Williams-Ellis bought the land where Portmeirion now stands in the 1920s and spent the next 50 years building the village. His aim was to show that the development of an area of natural beauty need not spoil it. The hotel building predates the village and was converted into a hotel and opened in 1926. Portmeirion has its own gardens: Portmeirion Gardens. Also, Bodnant Garden is 34 miles away. Clough Williams had intended to convert Castell Deudraeth into a hotel but this was not achieved during his lifetime. Castell Deudraeth opened in 2001. It has its own Victorian walled garden.

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Photograph © Portmeirion Hotel and Castell Deudraeth