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Jewel Tower Garden Westminster Palace

Westminster Palace was the principal residence of the kings of England from the time of Edward the Confessor (c1003-1066)  until the fire of 1512. It occupied all the land between the River Thames and Westminster Abbey. The Jewel Tower (used to keep the Crown Jewels) stood, and stands, on what was the south west corner of the fortified palace grounds. It was built c1365. The only other survival from the old palace is Westminster Hall. The channel on the south of the Jewel Tower was the palace moat. The former garden is now maintained as a simple rectangle of grass.

The Jewel Tower is on the London Gardens Walk and included in the eBook guide to the London Gardens Walk

Westminster Palace Jewel Tower and Garden, Abingdon Street, Westminster, London, SW1P 3JX

Free access to the garden at all times

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