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Villa Huegel, Essen

The mansion is the former house of the family Krupp family - and Thyssen-Krupp still enjoy free entry. As the personal project of an industrial magnate, it can be compared with Lord Armstrong's estate at Cragside in England. The Villa Hugel was completed in 1873 and garden at designed by Alfred Krupp himself. Like Armstrong, Krupp saw a garden as a place to see the wonders of nature. It is a romantic conception.
Photograph © Villa Hügel
Photograph © Villa Hügel
Photograph © Balham

Villa Hugel und Park, Kulturstiftung Ruhr, D-45133, Essen, Centre and North West, Germany

Open 10am to 8pm.

Adult 3 euros, children free

Visit the Villa Huegel, Essen website

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