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Thenford Arboretum

Head Gardener's Comment

Thenford Arboretum has been created over the last 40 years by Lord Heseltine and his wife Anne, and is home to a collection of over 5000 trees and shrubs.

Oxfordshire, England, OX17 2BX

The gardens are open between 2 - 5.30 on the following dates, Friday 19th April Saturday 27th April Wednesday 8th May Tuesday 14th May Friday 24th May Thursday 6th June Saturday 15th June Friday 21st June Wednesday 3th July Friday 12th July Friday 2nd August Saturday 3rd August Friday 6th September Saturday 12th October Friday 28th October

All tickets need to be brought in advance via our website, with a limited number available on the day- Snowdrop days £12 per Ticket, General garden open days £16 per ticket

Visit the Thenford Arboretum website

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