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Rajaon Ki Baoli

Rajaon ki Baoli (also Rajon ki Baoli) is a 4-tier stepwell built in the 16th century. It is in the Mehrauli Archaeological Park near Lalcot and the Qutub Minar complex. The baoli is used by Marie-Luise Gothein, in her book on Indian Gardens, as an example of a baoli of the kind which once characterised gardens in India (p.22 in eBook edition of Indian gardens). Gothein writes that 'During the hot season, when the water was low, people preferred to withdraw to these cooler rooms'.

Rajaon Ki Baoli (Photo courtesy Shashwat Nagpal)
Rajon ki Baoli ML Gothein Indian Gardens
Hazrat Nizamuddin Baoli (drawing by William Daniell) is also in Delhi


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