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Poggio Reale

The garden and Villa of  Poggio Reale was located in Poggioreale, then outside the walls of Naples. It was an important renaissance villa and garden. In 1487 the future King Alfonso II chose the site for a royal residence. In 1604 the viceroy Juan Alonso Pimentel de Herrer beautified the villa, with trees and fountains. The quadrangular building had four projecting wings like corner towers. An arcaded porch stood beside a square courtyard paved with glazed ceramic tiles. It could be covered with a wooden floor for parties and theatrical performances, or it could be flooded as a stage effect.

Charles VIII of France saw the garden at Poggio Reale in 1495 and was inspired to improve his own garden at Amboise.  Poggioreale is now famous for its cemetery and its prison. Neither the villa nor garden have survived.

The drawing of Poggio Reale is from  Alessandro Baratta, Bird's-eye View of Naples in 1629.


Poggio Reale, nr Naples, Campania, Italy

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