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Park Schloss Albrechtsberg, Dresden

Situated on the river Elbe with great views of the river and Dresden, Castle Albrechtsberg was built for Prince Albrecht of Prussia (1809-1872). The castle is one of the few buildings of late classicism in Dresden and is modelled on the Villa d’Este. The garden is structured into different landscape areas that are linked by curved paths. The terraced garden extends down to the river Elbe. Water is a dominant feature elsewhere in the garden too, with a wealth of fountains, articifial waterfalls and ponds. The castle and gardens are part of the World Heritage Site ”Dresden Elbe Valley“.

Photograph © Marija Calden
Photograph © Marija Calden

Bautzner Strasse, 01001 Dresden, South East, Germany

All year. Dawn to dusk.


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