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Jetavana Buddha Garden

Jetavana is the name a famous Buddhist monastery garden. It is in India, outside the ancient city of Savatthi. The Buddha spent 19 of his 45 rainy-seasons in the garden. It was bought for the community by Anathapindika. When he asked about the price, the owner (Jeta) said he would not sell  ‘even if you could cover the whole place with gold." Anathapindika did this and bought the garden. Jetavana is in a grove of trees on a low hill. It has the remains of monastery buildings, a Bodhi Tree and a bathing pond.

The below quotation from The Karandavyuha Sutra (a Mahayana sutra c400CE) mentions the Jeta Grove (ie the Jetavana)

"When Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva was about to come, myriads of Kalpataru trees, flower trees, Kumuda flower trees, and Campaka flower trees appeared. Furthermore, varied flowers, precious pools and trees also appeared. The sky rained down wonderful flowers, various jewels, Manis, pearls, emeralds, spiral shells, jades, corals, and many other treasures. A lot of heavenly clothes were also rained down like masses of cloud. At that time, in the Jeta grove Anathapindika garden, the seven treasures also appeared, their names are: Gold wheel treasure, Elephant treasure, Horse treasure, Pearl treasure, Goddess treasure, Repository mastering treasure, Army mastering treasure. When those seven treasures appeared, the ground became completely golden."


"When the woman saw that I was returned, she inquired after me: 'Are you tired now?' I asked the Raksa woman: 'I have not seen your joyful gardens and bath pools, do they really exist?' The Raksa woman told me: 'Great merchant master, there are various joyful gardens and bath pools in this Lion state.'

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Jetavana Garden
Jetavana (
The Kalpataru tree could be Madhuca longifolia

Jetavana, near Balrampur, Bihar, India

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