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Jardin Secret du Grand Boulay

Henri and Patricia Sidler have developed the garden since 1993. There is a circular rose garden, woodland walk and a lake with an island. The layout of the garden is visible on the satellite image if you zoom in on the location map below.

Photograph © Jardin Secret du Grand Boulay
Photograph © Jardin Secret du Grand Boulay
Photograph © Jardin Secret du Grand Boulay


Built in the 19th century, the Grand Boulay has been a farm up to 1975. There was a big kitchen garden in front of the house, and in the back ground an orchard. The pond was small. The courtyard was occupied by the agricultural machines, the rabbits and a stock of beetroots.
The house is abandoned, the kitchen garden and the orchard are transformed into feed.

In the 1980s, the property became a golf practice. The owners encircled it with thuyas, poplars, a big wooded hedge, with a pine forest (black kindling of pines of Austria), of two oaks, two beautiful cedars and a red maple.

Arrived in November 1992, Henri bought the property in July 1993.
Then he started to make new plantations :
Winter, 1993 : Plantation of the new Orchard, the small chestnut grove (forest of common species châtaignés, birches, charms, ash trees), walnuts and acacias.
1994 : Plantation of the first collection trees (Liquidambar, Ginkgo Biloba, Tulip tree of Virginia, weeping Sophora, Albizzia).
1996 : Creation of the massifs of the Closed garden and the Mediterranean Massif.
1997 : Creation of the Massif of the Barrier and the Massif of Pumpkins, Development of the garden around the old well.
1998 : Patricia has been joining Henri : they share the same passion for the garden.
The lake is redrawn, put in water, lines and strews with water plants.
2000 : 40 rosebushes offered for Henri 40th birthday allowed the plantation of the Rose garden.
2001 : Creation of the japanese garden.
2002 : Creation of the collection of Japanese maples.
The arrival of Tanguy brought new strengths and ideas. 2003 : Creation of the Massif of petites Antilles.
2004 : Creation of the Massif of wild wind.
2005 : Creation of the Pergola in the vineyard
Plantation of new collection trees : Paulownia, Prunus Serrula, handkerchiefs tree, Savonnier and Cornus Controversa Variegata.
2006 : The Massif of the Barrier joins the Rose garden and the massif of "Lucia" is enlarged. The Orchard is completely isolated and its front door is created.
2007 : Creation of a Dry Garden. First opening of our garden to our friends. We settled the pond in the rose garden and create the labyrinth of Bamboo.

On 2008 : The decision is taken to reorganize the courtyard, with for the first time the assistance of a landscape architect, Anne-Mie AERTS. The works will spread out all over the year.

Projects are not missing in order to magnify our garden. We have decided to open it to the public to share our passion and facilitate new meetings.


from Tuesday to Saturday. Open 2pm to 6pm. Also open 1st Sunday of the month from mid April to mid October and according our agenda of events (see our web site). Other times by appointment all the year.

Adults 6€. Free for children under 16. Groups from 10 persons 5€ for free visit and 6€ for guiding tour. Annual entry card 12€. For school children please call us.

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