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Godolphin Garden

The Godolphin estate has a medieval enclosure in which a renaissance garden was made. There is also a deer park. Today there is a a forecourt, an inner garden and also an area known as the King's Garden planted with square beds and box hedging. The National Trust took over the estate in 2000 and restored the garden, fully appreciating that 'this garden is not about plants and flowers but about the unique surviving remains of a medieval pattern'. The garden was designed in the 14th century 'modernised' in the 16th century, since when the planting has changed but the space has been remarkably unchanged. 

Photograph © Charlotte Weychan
Photograph © Charlotte Weychan
Photograph © Charlotte Weychan

Godolphin Cross, Helston, Cornwall, England, TR13 9RE

Yes. See Godolphin website (below link) for details

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