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Dholpur Lotus Garden

The garden was found in 1978 and excavation began.This has revealed a central terrace, water channels and a large pool. Dholpur (or Dolpur) was established by Babur as an encampment garden (a garden setting for the imperial camp). Given Babur's importance in the development of Mughal gardens, this example is of great interest. The permanent features are the pools and water features cut into the bedrock. See Elizabeth B Moynihan 'The Lotus Garden Palace of Babur' in Muqarnas 5 (1988) pp 135-52. See C.M Villiers Stuart Gardens of the Great Mughals and chart of Asian garden design styles.


Babur's Lotus Garden Smithsonian ©
Elizabeth Moynihan Collection ©

Jhor, Dholpur, India

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