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Château de Canon

The garden was re-designed by a barrister who knew Horace Walpole. The layout is best understood as a French interpretation of the Augustan Style. Like Chiswick Park, it has an axis leading from the house across a grass parterre and an axial woodland ornamented with small temples (including The Temple de la Pleureuse and a Chinese pavilion).

Head Gardener's Comment

The Canon estate, which has been preserved intact, without any additions, since the second half of the 18th Century, bears perfect witness to the "Age of Enlightenment", the reason behind its being integrally classified as a Historic Monument, both the buildings, the castle and outhouses, and the surrounding grounds, the park, the gardens, the ornaments, the avenue and so on.

Photograph © Château de Canon
Photograph © Château de Canon

Château de Canon, Canon, Normandy, 14270 MEZIDON-CANON, France, 14270

may to September. Open 2pm to 6pm Easter to May on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays. Open 2pm to 6pm June to September, Daily except Tuesday.

Entrance fee applies

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