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Bagh-e Eram

Bagh-e Eram, the Garden of Paradise, was made in the nineteenth century and is typical of the period. It has some 'typically Persian' features and some western features. The garden is now managed by the botany department of Shiraz University.

Donald Newton Wilbur wrote (in Persian gardens and pavilions, 2nd edn 1979, p84):'The Bagh-i-Eram owes its continuing popularity to its groves of orange trees, its long axis of stately cypresses, and the impressive structure which has been the scene of Qashqai hospitality so freely offered to so many visitors. Every few years more of the orange trees fall victim to heavy frosts.... It is easy to imagine the earlier owners leaving the main pavilion and strolling down the water-lined avenue as far as the lower pavilion, where they rested from their exercise'

Bagh-e Eram, Shiraz, Iran

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