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Abhaneri Step Well

Chand Baori is in Abhaneri, a small village with one of India's deepest and largest step wells (also known as tank gardens). Step wells are unique to India. They were used as cool places of resort, as pools for ritual cleansing before a temple visit and as a water supply for dry weather. There is a temple adjoining the step well. Step wells had leisure, religious and, of course, functional purposes. They are distinguished predecessors of what are now called low-intensity, or sustainable, urban drainage systems (SUDS) Step wells have many names including: baoli, baudi, bawdi, bawri, baori , baoli, bavadi, bavdi, hauz, vav, vaav, kalyani, pushkarani, barav. See note on multiobjective stepwells in India.

Jaipur, India

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