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Garden Tours in Thailand

Thailand does not have an old tradition of making domestic gardens, though modern Thais appreciate gardens. Thailand does however have an ancient tradition of making Buddhist temple compounds. It also has an amazing natural fauna and flora. Thailand is rich in wild orchids, collected by connoisseurs and grown in hanging baskets by the poor. Thailand has a cultural connection with China and some influences can be seen (eg at Wat Po, known as the Temple of the Laughing Buddha). Influenced by Europe, the Thai royal family began to make pleasure gardens during the nineteenth century. In 1952 Princess Chumbhot began a garden at Suan Pakkad Palace in Bangkok and also the country park of Wang Takrai. There is a remarkable public Rose Garden (Suan Sampran) outside Bangkok.

The Bangkok Botanical Gardens are dedicated to the King of Thailand. The different sections of the gardens are separated by water. The Botanic Gardens in Chaing Mai are dedicated to Queen Sirikit. The Queen Sirikit Botanic Gardens are in a spectacular location in the mountains just outside Chaing Mai and have a colourful display of Thai flora.

Travel arrangements for Thai gardens

Thailand has become a very popular tourist destination with cheap flights available from Europe and America. English is widely spoken and internal travel is relatively easy using busses and trains. Hotels are good and numerous. Prices are relatively low.

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