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Occupying the north west corner of Africa, the gardens made by the Berber people of Morocco have been influenced by their African heritage and by invaders from the Mediterranean countries, Europe and the Middle East. The most interesting gardens are in Marrakech:

Badi Palace: started in the reign of Ahmad b. Muhammad al-Shaykh al-Mansur (1578-1603). It has a symmetrical plan with pavilions arranged round a large central courtyard. Four gardens flank the rectangular pool on the central central axis.

Bahia Palace: made between 1894 and 1900, for Ahmed Ibn Moussaand was designed by the Muhammad al-Mekki. It has extensive gardens and tiled courts surrounded.

Majorelle Garden: the garden created by the French decorator,architect and painter Louis Majorelle (1886-1962) and restored by the fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent. It is famous for its use of a vivid cobalt blue.

Escorted Garden Tours in Morocco


Gardens of Marrakech: a COUNTRY LIFE tour with David Wheeler, 13th to 17th March 2018,

Gardens of Marrakech, Boxwood Tours Hosted by David Wheeler editor of HORTUS
In a picture-book setting with views of the High Atlas Mountains and wonderful climate and cuisine, visitors discover a warm and friendly city with almost a thousand years of history. Known as ‘the rose among the palms’, Marrakech is characterised by its pink-coloured pisé (rammed earth) architecture and its deeply-rooted tradition for making and preserving gardens and green spaces. We visit a wonderful selection of gardens from old palaces to modern private properties. We are accommodated at the famous La Mamounia, a stunning palace-hotel within the old walls of Marrakech.


Travel arrangements for visiting Morocco have partnered with The Travel Source in Morocco to create a private 5 day tour of the gardens of Marrakech.

Though often classified as an underdeveloped country, Morocco has a sophisticated tourist industry and it is easy for the independent traveller to book flights and hotels. Less confident or experienced travellers may find it less stressful to book a tour. One can also book a holiday package and find time to visit gardens.

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