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Garden Tours in Ireland

Ireland is famous for its castle gardens, its emerald green landscape and its botanical gardens. The mild and moist Irish climate is very well suited to plant growth. The long and still-strong tradition of agriculture and horticulture has resulted in high standard of garden management. Irish gardens differ from English gardens more as a consequence of climate than of the Celtic design tradition: the climate is markedly wetter.

Many garden tour companies operate in Britain with the main groups of operators being based in the UK and the USA. Irish gardens are a favourite destination. The UK operators tend to be lower priced but do not organise travel to Britain and are likely to use larger vehicles. Independent travellers can visit many gardens, but by no means all, using public transport. Car hire is also easy. One of the difficulties for the independent traveller is that many Irish gardens are open only on a few days per week and only in the afternoon. This makes it difficult to visit as many gardens in a day as might appear possible from their geographical proximity.

Escorted Garden Tours in Ireland


‘The Irish Garden Collection’, 14th to 18th September 2015

Eire, Boxwood Hosted by Helen Yemm, Telegraph Gardens Correspondent
This breathtakingly beautiful rural area is blessed with mountains, fast flowing rivers, lakes, and a treasury of unique and fascinating gardens found in the Counties of Wicklow, Laois & Offaly. Meeting the Irish garden owners in the company of tour leader Jimi Blake is akin to being welcomed into a great friendly family where we roll from house party to house party drinking in the beauty of the contrasting gardens, taken right to the warm heart of the Irish gardening world. We are based at the comfortable Rathsallagh House, a country house hotel renowned for warm Irish hospitality and excellent food.



Private Gardens of Dublin, departing 17th August 2014

The Dillon Garden, Dublin The Emerald Isle has brilliant conditions for garden making: an almost frost-free climate and a supply of fresh rain which never fails. The tour is based in Dublin with excursions into the countryside. There are visits to Mount Usher, Hunting Brook, June Blake's Garden and The Dillon Garden (pictured left).