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Belgium has experienced foreign occupation and immigration from its European neighbours. These foreign visitors brought garden design ideas from their home countries. In particular, Belgium's geographical proximity to France means that many aspects of French garden design spread to Belgium and there are many French chateau style gardens. English, Italian, Austrian and Dutch influences are also evident. Belgium is only 30,000 sq km and is special in that it offers a wide range of different garden styles in a small area. In the old walled cities, like Bruges and Antwerp, garden space is limited and the residents have responded by giving their towns a garden character. Flower markets are popular. The garden of Rubenshuis (Ruben's House) in Antwerp is a fascinating enclosed renaissance garden. The great painter lived here from 1611 until his death in 1940.

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Gourmet Gardens of Belgium, 5th to 10th June 2016

Belgium, Boxwood Tours Led by Kew trained, Dutch speaking guide Sophieke Piebenga
Belgian gardens, like Belgian chocolates, are intricate, delicious and exclusive. In recent years, garden culture in Belgium has evolved greatly, largely due to a wave of first class designers for whom structure is important including Jacques Wirtz, Daniel Ost and Chris Ghyselen whose work we will see. Hedges, trellises and tight-clipped topiary are found in traditional ‘kasteel’ gardens as well as in private gardens.  There is a strong tradition of plantsmanship and horticultural excellence, so we will see some fine collections as well as a specialist nursery and plant fair at Kasteel Hex.