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Garden Tours in Australia

If you live in Europe or America, one attraction of visiting gardens in Australasia is that the best time to visit gardens in Australia and New Zealand is the time when your garden at home is hibernating for the winter because the seasons are reversed in the Southern Hemisphere.

Australia is famous for its outdoor lifestyle and this has led to an enthusiasm for garden making. Before c1970 Australian gardens were made in European styles using European plants. Since then, there has been more interest in international modernism and in drawing upon the traditions of the Australian Aborigines.

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Garden Festivals in Australia

Travel arrangements for visiting Australian gardens

Australia has a good modern network of trains, buses and airlines. But it a large country and outside central areas, Australian cities tend to be built at very low residential densities. This makes it more difficult to visit gardens using public transport. It is easier to book an organised tour of Australian gardens - or to hire a car. See Gardens to Visit in Australia.