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Veddw House Garden

An older house with a 1990s garden. Veddw has a woodland garden, a meadow and a series of features and compartments: a mahonia garden, a grey border, a wild garden, a cotoneaster walk, a magnolia walk, reflecting pool, ornamental vegetable garden and a fish garden. The woodland garden has plaques, poems and a lizard on the trees in the wood.

Head Gardener's Comment

"Only rarely does one come across a garden so ambitious and successful as the one at Veddw House ……this garden combines all the achievements of a great garden - excellent relationships between house and garden and between the garden and its surroundings, a satisfying blend of formality and informality and of wildness and control, good use of colour and texture, and a distinct personality." Stephen Anderton, "The Times" Starred in Good Garden Guide and an RHS Recommended Garden.


Created over the past twenty years by garden writer and founder member of the RHS group 'thinkingardens', Anne Wareham and the garden photographer Charles Hawes.

Plants of note

Emphasis is on the use of plants in the design rather than plant collections.

The Veddw, Veddw, Devauden, Monmouthshire, Wales, NP16 6PH

June to August. Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays. Open 2pm to 5pm.

Visit the Veddw House Garden website

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  • over 3 years by John 4 / 5

    This is one of the few gardens that I've wanted to revisit in different seasons to see how it performs. Shame it's only open in the summer months (which is why it loses a star). In one half of the garden, the use of carefully clipped yew hedging creates something like a maze of small garden rooms, full of surprises. A parterre of box hedging is designed to match a historic map of fields in the area.

    The house, in the centre and painted black is as quirky as the garden (don't miss a visit to the conservatory and its collection of succulents). But it fits and nicely separates the two halves.

    For the other half of the garden is different. A wildflower meadow, some seasonally riotous planting, a walk almost on the wild side through the shrubbery and some more surprises.

    There's a large wooded area too, complete with seating and television.

    This is not your average garden (but then neither is the gardener - her book "The Bad Tempered Gardener" explains the thinking behind the place) and won't be to everyone's taste but it is a garden in which you can immerse yourself and forget the cares of the world outside for a while, especially in the rain!
  • almost 5 years by Anonymous 1 / 5

    This garden is not worth the entrance fee. You can see much better gardens in any terraced house in any British town. The name Veddw House alludes to grand country house but what you find small unattractive house, nothing to write home about. The garden is over whelmed with hedging, there is hedge, hedge and more hedge, this does not make a good garden. There are more interesting places to visit save your money.
  • over 6 years by Adam Hodge 4 / 5

    This garden hits the spot..for me ! A lovely balance of strong structure and generous, lush, almost exuberent plantings.
    Although my visit was made at the end of the gardens' 'season', it was clearly evident the plantings are'nt too busy yet full of well balanced colour mixes or blends, simply but lavishly arranged..I loved it!
    The lie of the land allowed one to have an overview of the site and distant landscape to balance the intensity of the 'rooms' with the rolling hedges.
    Definitely worth a visit. Best to park on the main road and walk down the lane

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Veddw House Gardens Photograph © Veddw House
Veddw House Gardens, Wales Photograph © Veddw House
Arch, Veddw House Gardens Photograph © Oxford Botanica/Adam Hodge
Veddw House Gardens, Devauden Photograph © Oxford Botanica/Adam Hodge
Bench, Veddw House Gardens Photograph © Oxford Botanica/Adam Hodge
Veddw House Gardens, Monmouthshire Photograph © Oxford Botanica/Adam Hodge
Reflecting Pool, Veddw House Gardens Photograph © Oxford Botanica/Adam Hodge