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The Master-of-Fishing Nets Garden

This was a scholar's garden, named after its Fisherman's hermitage. Entrance is through the dwelling. The garden was famous for its peonies in the eighteenth century and restored in the twentieth century. It is small but highly intricate with two main sections and the Courtyard of the Jade Spring Abode (used as a model for a Chinese court in New York's Metropolitan Museum. The garden centres on a pond surrounded by buildings, including a Pavilion for the Advent of the Moon and Wind and a Ribbon-Washing Pavilion. It is one of the four Suzhou gardens listed by Unesco.

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  • over 8 years by Haroko 4 / 5

    My guide book said Master-of-Fishing Nets is the best garden in Suzhou, which would make the best garden in China. I couldn't see this. Nor could the crowd of high school kids in red hats. They just wrecked the place for me - and were smoking and climbing over the rockery too.

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The Master-of-Fishing Nets Garden
The Master-of_Fishing Net Garden, China Photograph ©
The Master-of_Fishing Net Garden, Suzhou Photograph ©