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Luitpoldpark, Munich

A popular park close to the Petuelpark. There is a grove of 90 lime trees to commemorate the 90th birthday of Prince Regent Luitpold of Bavaria and a 37m high hill made from debris from houses destroyed during WWII.

Schwabing, Munich, South West, Germany

All year. Daily.

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  • over 7 years by Anton Schedlbauer 5 / 5

    The Luitpoldpark lays in between the the Olympiapark and the Petuelpark in Schwabing, Munich. It's one of the smaller, but well-known, parks in Munich and frequently used and loved by all kind of people.

    In summer one can find plenty shady places under lots of huge linden- and chestnut trees, with numerous benches for a little rest under it.

    There is space for every kind of activity and one can find sunbathers, walkers, runners, aerobic groups and, especially in the early evening hours, people relaxing with a little football match from the work day. One can also find two very well equipped children's playgrounds so mothers and fathers with children will always find some fellows. Also a much used area is the dog run, where dogs of all dimensions and races joy playing together. Right in the middle of the park is the Bamberger Haus located, a almost 100 year old baroque building, housing a restaurant with plenty of outdoor space. Also to mention is the little labyrinth formed by the shape of a hedge. It's always good fun for young and old to walk in.

    If one want to take a photograph of the city of Munich which, especially on a clear day with foehn, the Alps in the background, the 37 meter high hill is one of the best places in town.

    To make the Luitpoldpark even more attractive, there is the Bad Georgenschwaige a public swimming pool on the north side of the park.

    Now, if you think, by all this activities, it will be a noisy place, you are wrong. The Luitpoldpark is big enough to handle all the activities without disturbing each other and its still a enjoyable quiet place!

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Luitpoldpark, November Photograph © Anton Schedlbauer
Bamberger Haus, Luitpoldpark Photograph © Anton Schedlbauer
Maze, Luitpoldpark Photograph © Anton Schedlbauer
Luitpoldpark, Munich Photograph © Anton Schedlbauer
Luitpoldpark Photograph © Anton Schedlbauer