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Hidcote Manor Garden

Photograph ©
Photograph © Alan Bartlett
Photograph © Alan Bartlett
Photograph © Alan Bartlett
Photograph © Anthurium/Katrina Underwood
Photograph © Anthurium/Katrina Underwood
Photograph ©
Photograph © Anthurium/Katrina Underwood
Photograph © Anthurium/Katrina Underwood
A famous Arts and Crafts garden, made c1905. Lawrence Johnston was a keen plantsman with a strong sense of artistic composition. Yew, holly and beech hedges are used to define a series of garden rooms. One room is occupied only by a circular raised pool. Others have a character deriving from their inspired planting. The standard of building craftsmanship is high and the number of plants which have the name 'Hidcote' point to Johnston's expertise. Were it nearer London, the garden would be as famous as Sissinghurst.

Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire, England, GL55 6LR

Late March to early November. Daily except Thursday and Fridays (but open Fridays in July and August). Open 10am to 6pm (5pm October and November). Liable to overcrowding on Bank Holiday Mondays and Sundays

Adult £8.00 (includes voluntary gift aid donation)

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  • over 3 years by Mrs. S.Pratt 5 / 5

    I would just like to say what a beautiful garden this is. It was a most enjoyable time my husband & I spent. Also I took some great photos. It was a really good programme on BBC 2 this evening on Hidcote. Thank you very much
  • almost 5 years by Anonymous 3 / 5

    Was very disappointed. Albeit a dry summer, a hose could have been used occasionally, especially the white garden where plants were one removed from dying. People are paying to view a garden after all, not a house. It would also have been good, if the Trust spent a bit of money on plant signs. The giraffes dotted around looked ridiculous and out of place and the so called Rose Walk should be renamed Thistle Plant Walk. On a positive note the pigs were a nice touch though and the vegetable plot. The new pavillion was lovely and the garden in front of it looked fresh and watered. However the further you got from this area, the garden simply looked uncared for, most plants allowed to get far too leggy and weeds everywhere.
  • almost 5 years by gardenboy 4 / 5

    delightful, with some weaknesses. A must see despite crowds. Red border and white room are luxurious, wilderness area at end of vista bucolic whilst rock garden needs considerable attention.
  • almost 5 years by Anonymous 1 / 5

    After many years we eventually went to Hidcote but found the whole experiece rather depressing. The planting schemes were weak, little attention had been made of weeding and the only wow factor for us was astonishment at the brainwashed pilgrims we had to navigate our way around to get back to the car park. People have different tastes but most can agree on good quality, unless they are too busy flattering the king on his new clothes!!
  • over 6 years by Bruce Rawlings 5 / 5

    I have been visiting Hidcote for over 3 years to make a video of this fantastic garden. The more you visit it the more you can appreciate Lawrence Johnstone's inspirational design and love of plants.

    There is now a DVD available about Hidcote Manor Garden and its creator that is now part of a fundraising project. The programme is available from the garden shop or from my website.

    Having caught the 'Johnston' bug I am now producing a DVD that looks at Serre de la Madone Lawrence Johnston's garden in the South of France. This will be available in early 2010 and again this will be used as part of the fundraising activities.
  • over 6 years by Anonymous 4 / 5

    My em

    Sorry this isnt a review BUT can anyone tell me when the white garden at Hidcote was planted up? Hope someone can help! peter
  • almost 7 years by Pete 4 / 5

    Hidcote is one of those gardens my garden loving friends tell me is a masterpiece.

    Now reading the reviews from Adam Hodge and John Martin I can see both points.

    I love the rooms, I love the cottagey feel. I've spent many hours sitting in the orchard enjoying a good book. In many respects its perfect.

    So why only 4 stars? well I too feel a bit claustrophpbic. And you know what the damn place is too popular, the number of times in some of the rooms i've had to say "excuse me" "excuse me".

    Its a lovely garden but I just wish less people visited it.
  • about 8 years by Adam Hodge 4 / 5

    I heartily respect Mr Martin's opinion about Hidcote, and his analysis of its style is most helpful.
    Permit me to admit my failure to appreciate the garden, compared to say Kiftsgate just round the corner, which definitely does it for me !
  • about 8 years by John Martin 5 / 5

    Nobody should be deterred from visiting Hidcote by the extraordinary review by Mr.Hodge. This is one of the finest gardens in England, the more so because it is cared for by the National Trust in a manner Major Lawrence Johnson would have approved. The style is an elaboration of the English Cottage Garden which is small scale, but the central axis allows a dramatic transition from the tightly planted 'rooms' to a broad vista over farmland to the Vale of Evesham. Wonderful.
  • over 8 years by Adam Hodge 4 / 5

    I'm not quite sure why this place didnt agree with me..the design is, without doubt, busy with lots of 'rooms', each with its own character and lovely plantings , but I couldnt wait to get out. It was all so contained sense of space or openness
    I'm sure this will illicit lots of scorn, which is fair game !
  • over 8 years by Anonymous 5 / 5


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