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Heale Garden

Photograph © Anthurium/Katrina Underwood
Photograph © Anthurium/Katrina Underwood
Photograph © Anthurium/Katrina Underwood
Photograph © Anthurium/Katrina Underwood
Photograph © Oxford Botanica/Adam Hodge
Photograph © Oxford Botanica/Adam Hodge
Photograph © Oxford Botanica/Adam Hodge
Photograph © Oxford Botanica/Adam Hodge
Photograph © Oxford Botanica/Adam Hodge
Photograph © Oxford Botanica/Adam Hodge
A seventeenth century house on the banks of the Avon, with a twentieth century Arts and Crafts garden. The garden was designed by Harold Peto in 1910. Heale Garden has terraces, ponds, old roses and a landing stage by the River Avon. The owner, Louis Greville was a diplomat and brought a tea house and bridge from Japan. It is a garden for a Small Country House, and illustrated in Jekyll's book of that name. There were 8 gardeners in 1910 and one by 1985.

Woodford, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England, SP4 6NT

February to October. Wednesday to Sunday and Bank Holidays. Open 10am to 5pm.

Adult £4.50

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  • over 3 years by BRIAN FREDRICK 4 / 5

    BEAUTIFUL SNOWDROPS, and WOW the re-furb to the coffeeshop amazing looks so inviting , the new proprieters have spent alot of money on it . FOOD EXCELLENT CAKES YUMMY. KEVIN nursery very good . THE GARDEN POOR the yellow boarder gone which is advertised in the heale broucher.... just soil also entrance road and carpark terrible. Come on owners of that beautiful house you need to spend some money. like the people who have taken over the coffeeshop . It wouldn,t take much to make this a fabulous attraction. WE COME EVERY YEAR TO VIEW THE SNOWDROPS.
  • almost 5 years by Anonymous 5 / 5

    Heal house a real dream house I have been in love with this house from the age of 16 would love to not only own it but go back one day.
    to see the lovers in the garden and hear the coach on the cobbles and the dogs barking, and the clanging on the door. Yet no one is there and the lovers fad in the mist. Was it just a dream in a young girls mind, I dont think so. For not every thing was right like the girl given an ice bath by the then renter a Mr S she was pregenat and I never found out how she was as I was wisked away to Devizers to awate my baby. My having conplained about him. Cook was nice a Mrs Ruddel who would protect us girls but the house was majic.
  • about 5 years by Fritz Germann 4 / 5

    Very beautiful garden. Fortunately dogs are allowed in the beer-garden-like cafe. We bought some plants in Autumn 2010 they are growing well here in Germany.
  • over 5 years by mr o,brien 3 / 5

    lovely garden great nursery with alot of fantastic rare unusual plants. the tea room very disapointing with dogs running round not good as theres a sign on the door saying no dogs allowed
  • almost 6 years by Adam Hodge 4 / 5

    Beautifully styled gardens especially closer to the stunning house..with evidence of some well-considered & styled replanting on the south lawn
    Overall maintenance pretty Ok but a lot of signs that perhaps an extra pair of hands is needed to keep on top of things.
    All in all a place with tranquility ,charm and graciousness.
  • over 6 years by Anonymous 4 / 5

    A beautiful display of snowdrops in a delightful garden. The many paths, meandering river and intriguing bridges give a very tranquil atmosphere. Tea and homemade cakes make a pleasant end to the walk. I shall enjoy returning to see what the garden has to offer in the summer.
  • over 7 years by Anonymous 4 / 5

    The snowdrops look lovely. The garden nursery is stocked with some lovely unusual plants and the nursery man Kevin and his mate are extremely helpful. The tea rooms tempt you with cakes, soups, etc.. They also have some lovely handicrafts and paintings for sale.
  • over 7 years by Katrina Underwood 4 / 5

    This lovely garden has a peaceful, timeless atmosphere, sadly as a result of the v. wet summer it was not particularly colourful - therefore definitely necessitating a return visit!!
  • almost 8 years by Charlotte Weychan 5 / 5

    This is a truly magnificent garden - well worth taking a detour for. The house provides an excellent backdrop to the carefully-planted and colourful garden and a tributary of the River Avon meanders through the grounds. Other features include a Japanese tea house. Heale also has an excellent nursery - you can find interesting and unusual plants here - and Kevin, who runs it, is extremely helpful.

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