The Garden Guide

Price, Uvedale

Born - Died : 1747 - 1829

A landowner and author, best known for his Essays on the Picturesque (1794-1801) which were influential throughout the nineteenth century. Like Richard Payne Knight, Sir Uvedale Price criticized the smoothness of Lancelot Brown's designs. Price's own garden was at Foxley. Uvedale Price stated that 'Picturesqueness, therefore, appears to to hold a station between beauty and sublimity'. Price's views on estate layout were summarised by Blomfield: 'Price advocated a threefold division - the garden immediately round the house was to be formal, the garden beyond to be in the landscape style, and the park to be left to itself. His idea was that the transition should be gradual, and this idea was worked upon by Sir Charles Barry in laying out the gardens of Trentham Hall'.

Gardens designed by Price, Uvedale