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Caus, Salomon de

Born - Died : 1576 - 1626

Elder brother of Isaac de Caus, born in Northern France. As a Huguenot he spent much of his life as a refugee. He visited Italy (c1595) and saw the famous Mannerist garden at Pratolino. This gave him an enthusiasm for water works and Salomon de Caus became famous as a hydraulic engineer. In England he designed a garden on the site now occupied by the Maritime Museum in Greenwich Park and also the garden of Somerset House (now occupied by a building by Sir William Chambers). In Germany he designed the famous Garden of the Palatinate in Heidleberg, which is ruined but survives. Salomon de Caus wrote books on La Perspective avec la raison des ombres et miroirs (1612) and Les Raisons des forces mouvantes (1615).

Gardens designed by Caus, Salomon de