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Blomfield, Reginald

Born - Died : 1856 - 1942

English architect, garden designer and author. The first edition of his book on The Formal Garden in England was published in 1892 and the 3rd edition in 1901. Sir Reginald Blomfield was the son of a bishop. He was an intelligent bombast, writing that 'horticulture stands to garden design much as building does to architecture'. Reginald Blomfield despised Ruskin and Morris as ornamenters. Battersea Park, he compared to 'a bad piece of architecture full of details which stultify each other'. He loved French architecture but, in 1934, published a book, Modernismus, which attacked modern architecture as 'deliberately cosmopolitan.. I for the hill on which I was born; France for the French, Germany for the German, England for the Englishman'. Richard A Fellows wrote a biography of Blomfield (Zwemmer, London, 1985). Five chapters from Blomfields's Formal Garden in England are on the CD.

Gardens designed by Blomfield, Reginald