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Born - Died : 65BC - 8BC

Quintus Horatius Flaccus was the son of a freed slave. Horace was given a farm in the Sabine Hills, where he spent his summers, writing and taking an interest in his farm and garden. Horace became the most celebrated lyric poet of his time and was the author of many now-famous Latin phrases. And seek for truth in the garden of Academus (Epistles, ii.45) Give me what I have, or even less; and therewith let me live to myself for what remains of life, if the gods will that anything remain. Let me have a generous supply of books and of food stored a year ahead; nor let me hang and tremble on the hope of the uncertain hour. Nay, it is enough to ask Jove, who gives them and takes them away, that he grant life and subsistance; a balanced mind I will make for myself. (Epistles xviii.107)