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Crowe, Sylvia

Born - Died : 1901 - 1997

Born in Sussex, Sylvia Crowe studied garden design under Madeline Agar at Swanley College (later absorbed into Hadlow College - see Broadview Gardens). Sylvia Crowe shared an office with Brenda Colvin and was President of the Institute of Landscape Architects from 1957 to 1959. Sylvia Crowe wrote an influential book on Garden Design (1958). Towards the end of her career Sylvia Crowe, with help from Sally Race, designed the roof garden for the Scottish Widows Head Office overlooking Holyrood Park in Edinburgh. The two old ladies asked for technical advice on roof garden design from Britain's two leading landscape architecture practices and were told that the project was too technically complicated for them. So they went ahead on their own and produced an excellent design. The technical knowledge was obtained by innumerable telephone calls to product manufacturers.

Gardens designed by Crowe, Sylvia