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Duchene (Duchesne), Achille

Born - Died : 1866 - 1947

Achille Duch�ne was the son of Henri Duch�ne, himself a well-known restorer of French gardens. He worked on Vaux le Vicomte, Le Marias, Champs sur Marne and Courances. In England he designed a water garden for the Blenheim Palace. By 1935 he had concluded that there was no future in designing great parks for the aristocracy and wrote a book on The Gardens of the Future (Les Jardins de l'avenir) in which he suggested they would be smaller and more functional. The Duch�ne style was Arts and Crafts in the sense of taking an old tradition and using it inventively and with close attention to construction and planting details.

Gardens designed by Duchene (Duchesne), Achille