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Villa Melzi Giardini

The villa was designed in 1808 by Giocondo Albertolli, for Francesco Melzi d'Eril, on a promontory. It fronts on Lake Como and is surrounded by a gardenesque planting, including Japanese maples, American redwoods, rhododendrons and azaleas. The owner was a friend of Napoleon and the garden has a statue of the goddess Pacht from his Egyptian campaign.


 The English styled gardens, enriched with sculptures, was designed by the architect Luigi Canonica and by the botanist Luigi Villoresi, both responsible for the arrangement of Villa Reale park in Monza. Through the contribution of great artists and artisans and the special concordance between them and Francesco Melzi the whole complex was shaped like a place of rare harmony and was admired, among the others, by Stendhal who described its beauty in his book "Rome, Naples, Florence" dated 1817.

Bellagio (CO), Lombardia, Italy, 22021

April to' October every day 9.30am. to 6.30 pm.

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  • over 4 years by Fred 5 / 5

    Autumn 2011 we wait for the fantastic colors....
  • over 6 years by Family Scott from U.S.A. 5 / 5

    Abbiamo passato una favolosa settimana agli appartamenti Giardini di Villa Melzi da favola.
    Con alloggio avevamo a disposizione il pass per visitare il parco.
    I giardini Melzi sono incantevoli e indimenticabili.
    Lo staff altrettanto.
    Torneremo anche il prossimo anno.
  • almost 7 years by Gerald 5 / 5

    Just outstanding!!!!!!
  • about 7 years by Anonymous 4 / 5

    A must-visit garden... big park along the lake, neatly taken care of, must be really something in the spring when azalees bloom. I visited in August and it was less colourful.
  • almost 8 years by Louise e Gianmarco 5 / 5

    E' il piu'bel giardino che io abbia mai visitato.
    Lo consiglio a tutti.
    Ritorneremo presto a visitarlo.
  • almost 8 years by Alain 5 / 5

  • about 8 years by be-am 5 / 5

    Just perfect a place to study the very idea landscape gardens represent: carefully arranged shrubs and herbs around venerable trees, emphasizing their character, shapes, colours; different light situations and trails that create gorgeous views across the classic landscape of Lago di Como. Every single item desires to be appreciated in tranquillity!

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Squirrel, Villa Melzi Photograph © Giardini di Villa Melzi
Villa Melzi, Italy Photograph © Oxford Botanica/Adam Hodge
Villa Melzi, Bellagio Photograph © Oxford Botanica/Adam Hodge
Villa Melzi, Lake Como Photograph © Oxford Botanica/Adam Hodge
Villa Melzi, Lombardia Photograph © Oxford Botanica/Adam Hodge
Villa Melzi Garden, Lombardia Photograph © Bernhard Eckert
Villa Melzi Garden, Italy Photograph © Bernhard Eckert