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Villa Ludovisi

The Villa Ludovisi in Rome was demolished and the the land used for residential development on the Via Veneto. 

Rome, Lazio, Italy

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  • almost 8 years by Lisa Finerty 2 / 5

    You might expect more maintenance due for a former property of two popes and a queen.

    Although the garden is long in the tooth, there are some remarkable features, principally having to do with its art and location.

    In the garden is a fine fountain with a tufo center.

    In the Casino, the vivid Guercino fresco, "Aurora", with the remarkable illusionistic surround by Tassi, makes a squat, barrel-vaulted room seem towering. There is also a ceiling frescoed by Caravaggio (claimed), with the curious subject of alchemy, a popular subculture of Rome in the 17th century.

    I would upload photos if I could!

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Garden of Villa Ludovisi Rome Villa Ludovisi Roma
Villa Ludovisi, Rome Photograph © Lisa Finerty
Villa Ludovisi, Italy Photograph © Lisa Finerty
Fountain, Villa Ludovisi Photograph © Lisa Finerty