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Sher Shah Tomb

Sher Shah Suri lived from 1486 to 1545 and is also known as Sher Khan or the Lion King. He founded the Sur Dynasty and ruled much of Afghanistan, Pakistan and northern India. His tomb is in the manner of Mughal garden tombs but is set in the midst of a lake. Sher Shah defeated Humayun and drove him from India. UNESCO give the following account ‘The tomb of Sher Shah Suri at Sasaram is an imposing structure of stone standing in the middle of a fine tank and rising from a large stone terrace. This terrace rests obliquely on a platform with a flight of steps leading to the waters edge. The upper terrace is enclosed by a battlemented parapet wall with octagonal domed chambers at four corners, two small projecting pillared balconies on each of its four sides and pierced with a doorway in the east forms the only approach to the tomb.’ The mausoleum is on a square plinth in a square tank with steps descending into the water on four sides. The water therefore stands in place of the walled garden which surrounds Humayun's tomb - it protects the tomb and creates a beautiful setting.

Sasaram, Bihar, India

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  • over 6 years by Tom 3 / 5

    I think there is a problem with the care of Sher Shah's tomb because it is a Muslim site in a Hindu area. Similarly, Christian and Muslim sites are not so well cared-for in Israel as Jewish sites. It would be interesting to know if Hindu sites are well cared-for in Pakistan.
  • over 6 years by Ashutosh Kumar 3 / 5

    I belong to Sasaram and have grown up discussing Shershah tomb. I used to feel proud telling my friend during my college days and later colleagues in my professional life that I belong to a place where one of the world heritage sites exist.
    I currently work in Mumbai and I had gone to my hometown few weeks back along with my family. I took my kids (11 and 8 years) to see the tomb and they were naturally quite excited to see what they had read only in their text books.
    They had lot of questions, some got answered and some had no answer e.g. my daughter asked why the pond water is so dirty and I had no answer. My son asked me why the security guy did not allow us to go on top of the tomb and I had no answer specially when I had been there in my childhood and had promised him the same.
    I know and can appreciate that there are lot of more important challenges for the local administration and the state government to manage but a society which cannot maintain its culture and heritage has not future. Shershah tomb is a symbol of rich history and and deserves a better treatment. This is a place which can attract lot of tourists generating a source of revenue for the locals. Besides the above, this can be a place where, if maintained properly, locals can come with their family to spend some time with history, elders can take a good long walk around the tomb and improve their life style and above all, we all can be proud that we have not let down Shershah, the great visionary king who among other things built the great GT road.
    Will Meera Kumar do something to preserve the history? In her position, she can do a lot to make herself and her voters feel proud of Sasarama and the great heritage site which is looking for some attention for long.

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Sher Shah Tomb Sasaram Sher Shah Tomb at Sasaram (Photo courtesy Pappu)
Sher Shah Tomb, 2009 Photograph © Ashutosh Kumar
Sher Shah Tomb, India Photograph © Ashutosh Kumar