Reviews of Schlossgarten Seehof, Bamberg

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  • almost 3 years ago eljardinero said

    Best described as a pleasant visit to a work in progress. The essentials of the baroque (late renaissance) space have been preserved, or restored, but everything is empty, neither the original broderie nor the later 400+ statues which replaced the parterres are even hinted at. The ancient hornbeam hedges and lime plantations are impressive and beautiful but the general air is one of light (to heavy) neglect, a feeling which is only reinforced by the fact that a couple of spouts on the cascade were faulty and that the wall separating garden from the lake was topped with a cumbersome 1960s suburban fence. The much vaunted “restoration concept” could do with rethinking. Why have the outbuildings and the main house different coloured quoins?

  • almost 5 years ago be_am25 said

    When I was here in the seventies this place was just ruins, but still there was something very special in it I always remembered. Now since they have begun to reconstruct it this poignant flair of decay has been lost - the fountain is running again and the outlines of the original park begin to reappear. You get an impression what marvellous and proud place this once was and that it is well worth all the efforts to restore much more of it!