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Schloss Fantaisie

The park surrounding Schloss Fantaisie was created in the 1760s by Duchess Elisabeth Friederike Sophie von Württemberg, the daughter of Margravine Wilhelmine who had become famous for creating several gardens in the Bayreuth area, including the Eremitage Hofgarten and Sanspareil. The park was further developed by a succession of owners and therefore combines design elements from various style periods: the rococo, the sentimental landscape and the mixed style period of the 19th century. Since 2000 the Schloss houses Germany's first Garden Art Museum which is exclusively devoted to the history of German garden design of the 18th and 19th centuries, with a regional focus on southern Germany.

Bamberger Straße 3, Donndorf, South West, Germany

Dawn to dusk.


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Gartenkunst-Museum Schloss Fantaisie Photograph © Marija Calden
Schloss Fantaisie Photograph © Marija Calden
Fountain, Schloss Fantaisie Photograph © Marija Calden
Schloss Fantaisie Park Photograph © Marija Calden