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Le Nôtre designed the garden with two great axes meeting sat at rightangles on the hill-top chateau. From the garden front of the chateau, a leading perspective runs westwards into a valley and up the opposite hill. At the dip point, one finds a broad canal in the valley bottom. Sceaux was deserted during the revolutionary years. In the ninetenth century, an under-sized new chateau was built and the gardens were restored with some modifications. Today the garden is well-maintained and has a interesting network of avenues, canals and basins. From the east front of the chateau, a stepped cascade crashes down the axis into a great oxagon pool. Had Sceaux been in England, Brown should surely have serpentined the layout, as he did at Stowe,

Sceaux, Ile-de France, Paris, France, 92330

All year, Daily, Open 7am to 7.30pm in summer, Open 8am to dusk in winter

Entrance free

Visit the Sceaux website

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  • almost 5 years by Adam Hodge 5 / 5

    Not quite so ornamental as Versailles but certainly as awe-inspring in its size. To discover the lake in all its enormity and vista is breathtaking. Go visit if you in Paris !
  • almost 5 years by Stephen H 5 / 5

    I recently visited with students and was not sure what to expect, as I have never visited this parc before. What we found was a gem. The parc is worth visiting for the Le Notre cascade alone which is turned on each day around 10am. The parc is well maintained and a popular place for local people who also enjoy the excellent cafe. Le Notre laid out this garden for Colbert with three strong axes each one superb. The chateau houses a museum and the orangery is open most days.
    Try to time your visit with their opera and play season.

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Parc Sceax Photograph © Stephen Harmer
Sceax, France Photograph © Stephen Harmer