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Parque Juan Carlos I

Opened in 1992, the park is located between Madrid's Barajas Airport and its Trade Fair site. It has some interesting and dramatic individual features. But the overall spatial design is so bad that one can hardly say it exists. The main structuring element is an almost-useless ring-road: no one could want to walk round it; the drainage gratings would make it a hazard for cyclists; the bridges are too narrow for cars. Overall, the design seems more suited to a North European garden festival. Nothing has been learned from the long tradition of relating park and garden and design to the unique landscape of Central Spain. Rainfall is low; winters are long and cold; summers are short and hot; the design is awful.

Parque Juan Carlos I, Madrid, Spain

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  • about 4 years by Anonymous 5 / 5

    Response to Harry:
    This park is not disappointing, just have to spend a weekend and see the vast amount of people who enjoy the sources, lending bicycles, its green meadows, and so on. Who has cheated?
  • over 4 years by Harry 1 / 5

    Please can someone tell me of a modern park somewhere in Europe which is more disappointing than Parque Juan Carlos I
  • over 4 years by Teodoro Lobato Delgado 5 / 5

    I believe that the one who has described this park has not had the pleasure of visiting it. It is a great museum outdoors. A park where to find agreeable corners where to rest or diverse milestones where to contemplate the panoramic one of Madrid from a privileged point, design that mixes urban plots and vegetation. It is a modern park, not comparable with any different one, and suitablly for all kinds of cultural, sports or playful activities. Do not be left to be deceptive for whom it does not see beyond his noses, and he does not conceive the parks in his environment and with his own tour, still not being historical or only leafy. To open the mind and to come to enjoy a park for all the senses.
  • over 4 years by Anonymous 1 / 5

    I invite you to visit this garden and to discover how much the article is wrong.
  • over 5 years by Tom 1 / 5

    I am sorry to hear that Parque Juan Carlos I has not improved - and wonder if it should be excluded from 'Christendom'? It is a godless place and many of the Brutalist features have military overtones.
  • over 5 years by Anonymous 1 / 5

    The editorial is right - this is surely the ugliest park in Christendom. Whoever thought that such ghastly and monstrous concrete features should ever be brought to life was surely of another planet. That said, for the locals this is a good park to cycle or run round - simply because of its size. And there are a few playgrounds for kids. And one ice cream stall. But poor King Juan Carlos must wake up squirming every day, thinking that his name was put to this. The day they decide to dig it up and start again will surely be the day they do Madrid a big favour.

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Parque Juan Carlos I
Parque Juan Carlos I