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Parc de Saint-Cloud

St Cloud is one of the most famous French estates. Though it has lost its chateau (burnt down in 1870) and other important features, enough survives to display the character of the great gardens. They were built across a steep escarpment overlooking the River Seine and Paris. A great baroque cascade, rather heavily detailed, descends the slope. Louis XIV's younger brother acquired the estate in 1658 and Andre le Notre re-designed the older terraced garden. John Evelyn visited the gardens and 1644 and recorded a description in his diaries.

92210 Saint-Cloud, Paris, France

All year, Daily, Dawn to dusk

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  • over 2 years by Valerie S, UK 5 / 5

    Visited this magnificent and previously unknown site yesterday, a chilly windy day in February, yet was amazed by its beauty and wealth of features, not to mention the wonderful vistas of Paris. A vast area full of wonderful surprises,
    my only criticism is that many of its fountains and statues have not been maintained to the standard they deserve, although we saw work being carried out in the gardens and some restoration has been funded by donors. With more investment and some tender loving care this important national treasure could rival any of the great gardens of the world. In particular, the baroque fountain by the riverbed could be as glorious as the best of the fountains in the Tivoli Gardens near Rome, Italy. Please don't let this very special place go into further decline.
  • almost 3 years by Anonymous 5 / 5

    Beautiful garden
  • about 3 years by Robert 5 / 5

    I know this park well as I go jog there and work out doing some martial arts training. The old chateau no longer there, it offers a splendid view of the city of Paris from above. The baroque leftovers will transport you to ages past beyond your imagination IF you know HOW to walk and WHEN. It's on the old road between Paris and Versailles and from a workout standpoint it offers the world's best Rocky Run in that the main Avenue gradually slopes UPWARD for so many miles that after mile 4 you no longer realize that you are still going upward and STRAIGHT. It is such an astonishing experience to have such a long allee in a straight line in the middle of nature at such a gradual slope, that it gives an almost alien otherworldly experience if you run it alone and when noone is there. One almost would expect a flying saucer to be waiting somewhere over the horizon but I have never seen one. The darker parts of the woods harbor hidden landscape atriums which gives the place something of a natural labyrinth. There is a hidden place where no less than 7 footpaths end up in the same spot none of which are mapped. In the virtual age of google earth and geolocation, the ultimate dream, because the place has no address and is hidden from sight under the trees. I am convinced there is hidden treasure or other things in these woods somewhere but have not seen anything unusual. Frankly the place should be private and not public so it would be better protected from damage. Near the river every year a famous rock concert is held where 50,000 stampede the riverbeds in front of a baroque setting. The sick and twisted vibes of our modern times thankfully dissapate in the winds quickly as the woods retain their secrets. Rockers are useless animals who like ferrets in the woods seek shelter when the sun comes up. They will miss the avenue that points toward sunrise. And like the baroque cascades they will wash away like sewage into the river pushed out by the great God Pan whose flute they cannot hear. Hehehe ..

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