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Parc André-Citroën Paris

The underlying geometry is modernist, embellished with post-modern ornament. It is a fine product of a late-twentieth century landscape design competition. Alain Provost and Gilles Clément explained their design as having four themes (artifice, architecture, movement and nature) with an overall transition from urban to rural. The use of water and clipped plants carry a distant echo of the French Baroque. A White Garden and a Black Garden are set into the urban fabric and lead on to the park's central feature - a vast rectangular lawn sliced through by a diagonal path. Two glasshouse pavilions, separated by a pavement of dancing fountains, stand at the urban end of the lawn. The River Seine flows at the far end. One flank of the lawn is bounded by a monumental canal and the other by two sets of small gardens: the six Serial Gardens and a wild Garden in Movement. The park is on the site of a former Citroen car factory, which was levelled.

Quai André-Citroën, Ile-de-France, Paris, France, 75015

All year, Daily, Open 24 hours/day

Entrance free

Visit the Parc André-Citroën Paris website

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  • over 6 years by marie 2 / 5

    This was once a beautiful park, still some of the beauty can be imagined but most of it is gone. The canals are not filled with water and most of the footpaths where the water line were important are now only dull concrete "highways". How tragic!
  • almost 8 years by Paul Urquhart 1 / 5

    After much anticipation, I have to say this was a disappointment. Water is the guiding light of this park but lack of funds has meant the fountains don't work (save one) and the pools have been drained. Even the butyl liner has been ripped. It still has its structure and it is easy to see that it could again be beautiful but sadly the maintenance is appalling and the horticultural skill of its gardeners is not great. The glasshouse containing Australian plants was dreadful - nitrogen deficiencies all over and plants starved of water and nutrients. The Black garden was a wreck.

    The gardens are still looking OK but only just. This was late spring - the iris had just finished and the other late spring perennials were fine but come summer, I don't think it will look much. Such a shame. The city of Paris administration should be ashamed but apparently they have no funds.

    What a shame the local residents who benefit don't band together to form a "Friends of Parc Andre " to raise funds or improve maintenance.
  • over 8 years by Armand 5 / 5

    After Versailles, the Parc André-Citroën is the favourite park in Paris for me. It is by the river, it is sheltered, it is modern, the children can play in the fountains, you can lie on the grass and you can be near the park's own canals. Il était très beau!

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Fountains, Parc André-Citroën Paris Photograph © Alan Graham
Parc André-Citroën Paris Photograph © Alan Graham