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Jardin du Luxembourg

This was the first French garden to be influenced by the Italian Baroque. The gardens, and the palace, were begun in 1612. The Luxembourg has long been seen as a quintessential Parisian space and remains very popular. It was designed for anoter Medici princess, Marie de Medici (1573-1642) , who became Queen of France. Like the Boboli garden where Marie had spent her youth, the Luxembourg plan has two axes at right angles. Jacques Boyceau superintended the layout. Today, as in the seventeenth century, it is a good place to savour the cosmopolitan atmosphere of a rich palace garden. It has changed over the centuries but, judging from Evelyn's description (below), the character of the garden is not so different. During a period of neglect, some of Watteau's romantic garden scenes were painted here. The Medici Fountain was moved from its original position and does not do justice to the famous name. There are some public park facilities, including tennis courts and children's play areas, and over a hundred sculptures, including statues of Stendhal, Chopin, Montesquieu, Phidias, Baudelaire, Delacroix and Blanche of Castile. The parterres on the fringe of the Luxembourg have been laid out in an informal 'Anglo-Chinois' manner. The Luxembourg Palace is now used by the French Senate.

Boulevard Saint-Michel, Ile-de-France, Paris, France, 75006

All year, Daily, Open 7am to 1 hour before sunset in summer, Open 8am to 1 hour before sunset in winter

Entrance free

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  • over 3 years by Anonymous 3 / 5

    I am not a big fan of the French gardens (too bad I live in Paris!), but I really enjoy this one. I love the Medici Fountain, Italian style. I have to admit it is spectacular because of its size and beautiful flowers and statues and fountains... It is always a pleasure to go there.
  • about 5 years by artisanuk 5 / 5

    We visited on Sunday May 1st 2011. Fabulous garden with truly French appeal. Attractive vistas and the light through the trees reminiscent of a Renoir painting. Excellent childrens'playground, model boat sailing and refreshment cafe. Great musicians at the bandstand in the morning - I would really like to know the name of the band that played as they were superb.
  • about 5 years by bonnie poppe 5 / 5

    I would have to choose the top garden in Paris, but this would be in my top 5 definitely. Its impeccably maintained, with bedding plants in the huge beds and urns kept rotating and looking their best. There is a large pond with wooden rental sailboats for children. There are many movable chairs which can be arranged as one likes, also many stationary benches. There is a very interesting fountain from the 1600s, the Medici Fountain, which was restored in the 1800s and moved to its present location. There is a cafe and tea room, and lots of strolling room.
  • over 5 years by Daisy 5 / 5

    Excellent park!!! Great for adults and kids.
    Kids area has horse back riding, marionette show for kids and an excellent play park for kids. You meet folks from around the world and the kids can play for hours. Fabulous!
    Went on a day that they had a concert pianist playing by a fountain in a beautiful long red formal gown. People from all around pulled up chairs or sat on the grass or just stood to listen. Breath taking!!! Looked like something from a renaissance film.
    Would recommend this park to anyone traveling to Paris!
  • about 6 years by Jason Palmiter 5 / 5

    Best park for children and adults alike.
  • about 6 years by Andy 4 / 5

    We love spending time in this garden, mostly just sitting on the seats and soaking up the peaceful atmosphere. Our favourite feature of the garden was the huge bronze head which was added in 2007 and is known as “Le Prophète”. He seems to be on guard watching the comings and goings in the garden. Other highlights are the Medici Fountain and the mini lake. This is the city’s most used park. Great to wander through on a sunny day to sample Parisian life. The flower beds are stunning at the right time of year too.

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Jardin du Luxembourg