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  • over 3 years ago Anonymous said

    I was at this garden during February on an early morning.As I was going through the gate entrance ,there was a fog coming off the river and settling in across this beautiful parterre garden which brought it to another dimension.For me to descibe this garden...a theatrical performance,stage setting of plants and water.I was at awe.Grace and beauty.I've been to alot of these italian gardens and this without a doubt is one of the most beautiful.I had the blessing of being there for a few hours alone.Because I'm in this business so there was a high appreciation for this garden.Especially the maintenance.Very well done.A must see if one is in Verona.Very much a part of this beautiful culture.Bravo

  • almost 5 years ago be_am25 said

    This garden is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen and definitly the most charismatic.
    It was a rainy day and I was in a bad mood because of that and because we had trouble finding the place - but the man at the entrance happily gave a few Euros discount and the rain stopped. Walking this old and unbelievably wonderful garden in the mild light made one feel being on a time journey, I would not have been surprised if Goethe himself had appeared behind one of the giant old trees.