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Gingee Fort

The fortifications connect three hills (Krishnagiri, Chakkilidrug and Rajagiri) which form a triangle. The tops of the three hills are citadels and the connecting wall is 20 meters thick. The Kalyana Mahal consists of a square court, surrounded by rooms for the ladies of the household. There is a 27 meter high square tower in the middle of this court.

Tamil Nadu, India

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  • almost 6 years by Uthra 5 / 5

    After fifteen years of my birth first time I am guided by my friends to see this fort. After all it's only 14km from my village, I was amazing of its view from bottom of the mountain. It's very hard to the powerful soldier to cross the security wall. The mindblowing technic used by the king who build this fort. Many bunkers and hide outs are made with the wall to prevent from enemy force. The king had small land to rule but he had the best strategic and administration powers.

    Every time I am crossing this fort by road I see the top, it makes the tremendous pleassure in my heart. For the first time I went to my first picnic without money, by means no source. So it's not a picnic it was an adventure. I am sponsored and guided by my brother chinnadurai.

    The very big entrance of the fort has three security levels, it shows the kings experience and inteligent mind. Next he builds kalyana mahal (marriage palace) like a puzzle, it's defenetly delayed the angry man from reach the top floor of the 12 floor palace.
  • over 6 years by Ranganathan 5 / 5

    It is an ever memorable fort in Tamil nadu.After visiting the fort every one should Admire the braveness of king Raja Tejsingh of Gingee.

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