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Chateau de Villandry

An imaginative twentieth century re-creation of a renaissance castle garden. The moated Chateau dates from c1536 and had a formal garden in the eighteenth century. The present garden dates from the years after 1906 when it was bought by a Spaniard, Dr Joachim Carvallo. Inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement, he wished the garden to have a sixteenth century character. Great horticultural skill was deployed, especially in the use of vegetables. An arbour of grape vines leads to a great parterre, conceived as a Garden of Music. On the other side of the canal is a Garden of Love. Symbolising the moods of love, it looks rectangular from the chateau but is actually trapezoid. The aesthetically designed vegetable garden is based on an illustration from Du Cerceau's Les plus excellents bastiments de France (1576). Despite its origins, Villandry is the work of a twentieth century imagination.

Centre, Villandry, France, 37510

Garden open all year daily from 9am.

Adult Chateau & Garden 9€, Garden only 6€

Visit the Chateau de Villandry website

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  • almost 5 years by Anonymous 5 / 5

    By far the most beautiful garden I ever visited (and visiting gardens is our hobby). It is simply stunning.
  • about 5 years by bonnie poppe 5 / 5

    This sumptuous garden is just as wonderful to walk through as it is to view from the chateau. The garden is experienced in two quite different ways. Seen from above it is a tapestry of iterweaving designs. When one walks through it, however, it becomes a series of intimate spaces to discover. The level of maintenance is excellent, it is being very well tended. Don't miss it.
  • almost 6 years by Andrew Moorey 5 / 5

    Words cannot adequately convey the sheer spectacle of these gardens. It is one of the places you simply have to visit to see for yourself. Such vision, creative imagination and faultless execution have produced an absolute masterpiece.
    The chateau is equally inspiring, imposing and grand yet still conveys an impression of a comfortable family home.
  • almost 6 years by be-am 5 / 5

    Simply magnificent! I love the interplay of geometric order, colourful beds and the variable shapes of vegetable in the kitchen garden combined with a grandious layout on the hill slope. My favourites: the reveries in blue in clouds chamber and the music garden. 4 stars in Racines guide, 5 here!
  • about 6 years by Anonymous 5 / 5

    this castle is awsome it has beatuiful gardens i ever seen. I just look at these gardens and the trip is endless
  • about 7 years by Lee Dempsey 5 / 5

    I went round the gardens last week and stayed three hours, having allowed two. I thought they were truly unique of all the gardens I have been to in the UK, Spain, and Italy. Also visited the lesser known and more compact and stayed at nearby Langeais where there is a superb medieval chateau. Our host (Shaun at was most helpful.
  • about 7 years by Julia Srigley 5 / 5

    This has been a long awaited visit, a dream come true, to actually visit this garden and marvel in the craftsmanship that firstly cinstructed the garden and now the horticultural expertise that keeps this magical place in such pristine condition is a pure joy. No amount of reading, looking at images can prepare you for the spectacle. It took my breath away, I really do hope that I can come back again one day.
  • about 8 years by Anonymous 5 / 5

    Also Michellin *** and indeed, 'worthy of a detour'. New gardens are still being planted and the established parts continue to ravish the senses.
  • about 8 years by Chris Plummer 4 / 5

    Featured on the latest Monty Don programme, 80 gardens around the world. Looks great and will try to visit when in Loire in August 08
  • about 8 years by Janie D 5 / 5

    Ohhhhhh Villandry!!! The most beautiful garden I've ever visited. I didn't "get" gardens until my first trip to Villandry in 1991. I've been back twice and am going again in May. It is so quiet there in early summer - and the smells! The roses, the box.....mmmm! It was the first time I'd seen ornamental vegetable and herb planting and it inspired me. Obviously I haven't come anywhere near matching it in my own garden (kids, etc), but I do use veggies and herbs to look pretty. Each "room" is yet another surprise - leave plenty of time, don't hurry round, enjoy the relaxing feel of the place. And do make the most of the creperie/ice cream shop on the way in - if it's as it was, the citron vert sorbet is magnifique and the crepes superb!
  • about 8 years by Wyn 5 / 5

    The most romantic of gardens. Spend time looking at the garden from the chateau and don't just wander around, stop and drink in the beauty from all angles. A must to revisit throughout the seasons. I envy anyone visiting this beautiful place.
  • over 8 years by Anonymous 5 / 5

    These are exquisite topiary gardens. The boxwood parterres are extensive and can be viewed from various angles including from elevated viewpoints. The vegetable parterres are unique and display common plants in amazing geometrical ways. I spent three hours here and didn't want to leave. Best time to visit is September but all seasons have something to offer.
  • over 8 years by Paul 4 / 5

    Amazing garden in the classical french style. A must see !!

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Chateau de Villandry, France Photograph © Alan Graham
Chateau de Villandry, 2007 Photograph © Alan Graham
Chateau de Villandry Garden Photograph © Maitland