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Carrousel Garden (Jardin du Carrousel)

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Jardin du Carrousel is the official name for the space around the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel, built to celebrate Napoleon's victory at Austerlitz (a carrousel is a horse parade). Jacques Wirtz was landscape architect for the space around the arch. It looks entirely appropriate on plan but is less successful on the ground. Strips of stone paving radiate from the triumphal arch. Westward, they meet grass and become clumpy hedges. The best feature of the scheme is the 18 statues by Aristide Maillol (1861-1944) placed between the hedges; the problem with the paving is that the surrounding gravel makes it always chalk-smeared; the problem with the hedges is their poor maintenance and relative lack of dignity.
Address - Jardin du Carrousel, Ile-de-France, Paris, France

Designers and Influences

This garden has been designed and influenced by Jacques Wirtz

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  • 9 months ago Sharath said

    I have seen the hedges only in pictures. The height seems to inappropriate. Its almost as tall as in a hedge-maze. The excessive height encumbers the view of the aerial design.

  • about 6 years ago Hamish Ohaloren said

    The key thing to find out about a Wirtz design is whether it was done by Jacques Wirtz, who had an undoubted talent, or by his sons - who seem to have very little design talent (I think one of them is an agricultural engineer!)

  • over 6 years ago Adam Hodge said

    Although I have great respect for the ideas of Jacques Wirtz and the aeriel view of the design looks intriguing, once at the site it just can't be seen for all that it tries to be. As the Introduction comments ''It looks entirely appropriate on plan but is less successful on the ground.'' How true. Shame really.


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