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Callaway Gardens

A great azalea garden with 13 man-made lakes. There is are special collections of holly and of the local plumleaf azalea. The John A Sibley Horticultural Center has 5 acres of conservatory.


Callaway Gardens opened on May 21, 1952. It was created by Cason and Virginia Callaway. It is owned by the non-profit Ida Cason Callaway Foundation, whose mission is to connect man and nature in a way that benefits and honors both.

Plants of note

In addition to being a mature woodland garden, Callaway Gardens is highly regarded for its azalea gardens, holly collection and season displays.

Intersectin of Ga. Hwys. 18/354, Pine Mountain, Georgia, USA, GA 31822

All year. Daily. Open 9am to 5pm (6pm in summer). Subject to change.

$18/adult;$15 adults 64+; $9/child (age 6 to 12); children five and younger admitted for free. Subject to change.

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  • about 5 years by Mrs Glenys White 5 / 5
    What a wonderful day out I had with my husband and friends last Monday 11th April 2011. It was our friends Rev.Dr. Barry Davies and Mrs Laodice Davies's 43rd Wedding Anniversary. We were visiting from UK and as soon as I arrived back (Thurs.14th April) I emailed the Organiser of the visit, Cathy Stokes and thanked her for arranging such a beautiful Day Out. I sent her my amended Poem to reflect our time at Callaway Gardens and thought you may like to read it also.


    Along life's bye-ways, as we pass;
    Do we see the wood for the trees?
    The daisies in the grass?
    Perhaps it's blinkered vision as we hurry by
    Too busy to see what's beneath our feet
    or above us in the sky!

    Notice the sunlight in the branches;
    Where is it going? It simply entrances;
    Changing the scene from grey to white
    Bespangled with a profusion of light.
    The hues of the azaleas, all shades so bright
    Lifting our hearts, Oh! what a sight.

    Look, a butterfly unfurling its wings;
    And high on that branch a bird that sings;
    Look at the colours, hear the sweet tones
    Forget incessant noise of traffic and 'phones
    Making life brittle, our energy is sapped
    Like twigs in Winter, so easily snapped.

    Our day has been graced with such beauty & fun
    We've laughed and made friends out in the sun;
    Friendships like flowers have bloomed today
    We've stopped and admired the scenery around
    The lakes,the gardens,the wildlife that abound
    We've seen the beauty around us and we'll prayfully say:
    "God's World is beautiful, it's been a beautiful day!"

    PS Cathy Stokes, Tour Planner of Seniors On the Go Travel
    says she is going to read the poem when out on their next Coach Trip.

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