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Bambouseraie de Prafrance

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The bamboo collection was started by the spice millionarie Eugène Mazel in 1855 and taken over by the Nègre family in 1902. The climate is good for bamboos but bringing sufficient water to the site was expensive. The garden has an extensive collection of plants, in a dramatic location, and runs the world's largest bamboo nursery. The word Bambouseraie was coined to describe this place.
Address - La Bambouseraie de Prafrance, 30140, Générargues, Anduze, France
Website - Visit the Bambouseraie de Prafrance website

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  • over 1 year ago Anonymous said

    I love this place, but have to admit it is not very easy for tourists... Everything has been said in previous reviews. Avoiding visiting it during the summer might be a good option because of the crowds.

  • over 3 years ago Stefan said

    Well intended but lacking a basic understanding of visitors' needs. In summer it feels like a monopoly: too long wait for too little reward.
    Based on two attempted visits and one actual visit. Why is no-one telling drivers it's useless to crawl round the ever crowded parking?
    Why is there no extra cassier (two max) when there is a 20 min wait? Why can't you simply collect tickets for your family instead of standing in line with five? ("we have to check ages"). Why are there no signs to toilets anywhere in the park (except next to the toilet block)? Why can't I get any drink inside the park, not even water?
    Beautiful with annoyances. Take Zen with you.

  • over 6 years ago Adam Hodge said

    If you have an interest in Bamboos this is a wonderful place to experience the authentic sensation of huge groves of canes not to mention the wonderful range of very happy plants both enormous and miniature. The various avenues pull you down into the far reaches of the garden and near the end of the recommended routing are fascinating landscape applications for the use of Bamboos. Give it a visit..well worth while.


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