The Garden Guide

Book: London Parks and Gardens, 1907
Chapter: Chapter 12 Historical Gardens

Chelsea gardens

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Chelsea still abounds in gardens. There are the modern plots along the Embankment, laid out with the wriggling paths that municipal authorities seem to deem necessary nowadays. The private gardens in front of some of the houses are an older institution, and some can boast of delightful patches of old gardens in their rear also. Behind Lindsay House the Moravian burial-ground is hidden away, and part of its wall may be the actual wall of Sir Thomas More's garden. There are the remains of elms and several good mulberry trees. The large mulberry on the Embankment near looks as if it once might have been in the garden too. Chelsea further possesses one of the first botanical gardens in England, the Duke of York's School with large grass area and fine elm trees, and the spacious grounds that surround the Hospital. Much of the old stately simplicity still clings to these latter, although last century saw many variations in their plan.