The Garden Guide

Book: London and Its Environs, 1927
Chapter: 17 Marylebone, Regent's Park, Zoological Gardens

Zoological Gardens 1

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The Zoological Gardens, officially the Gardens of the Zoological Society of London and familiarly known as 'the Zoo,' were first opened to the public in 1828. Situated at the north end of Regent's Park, they are bounded on the north by Albert Road and on the east by the Broad Walk, while they are intersected by the Regent's Canal and by the Outer Circle. The three divisions thus formed, known as the North Garden, the Middle Garden, and the South Garden, are united by two bridges over the canal and by two tunnels beneath the roadway. There are three entrances to the gardens: the Main Entrance in the Outer Circle, the North Entrance in Albert Road, and the South Entrance in the Broad Walk. The gardens are crowded on bank holidays (56,894 visitors on Whitmonday, 1925). The Zoological Gardens are most conveniently reached by taxi to the Main Entrance; but omnibus No 74 passes the North Entrance, while Nos. 3, 58, 59, and 159 pass Gloucester Gate, within + mile of both the North and the South Entrances. The most convenient stations are Camden Town (Hampstead Tube) and St. John's Wood Road (Metropolitan), both + mile from the North Entrance and both on the route of omnibus No. 74, which passes also Baker Street (Bakerloo and Metropolitan), 1+ mile from that entrance. From Regent's Park (Bakerloo) or from Great Portland Street (Metropolitan) it is + mile to the South Entrance via the Broad Walk. The Zoological Gardens, 34 acres in area, contain normally over 3000 animals, excluding fish and invertebrates. They are open from 9 a.m. till sunset. Adm. 1/, Monday 6d., children (2-12) always 6d. On Saturday and Sunday in summer a band plays at 4 p.m. On Sundays Fellows of the Zoological Society and those provided with Fellows' orders alone are admitted. Good official guide (1/; illusrated) by Dr. P. Chalmers Mitchell, the secretary to the society. Luncheons and teas are obtained, at moderate rates, at the pavilions numbered 8, 29, 34, and 56. Public telephone in the refreshment rooms and at the Lions' House; photographers' dark room in charge of the keeper of the Wolves' Den ; left luggage office near the north entrance . Bath-chairs at the main entrance, 2/6 per hour. After 2.30 on week-days children may ride on an elephant (3d.), camel (2d.; 'Cubit' and 'Ginger'), or llama-drawn carriage (3d.; tickets at the kiosque, near). Smoking in the houses is forbidden.