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Questions about outdoor weddings

What is a garden wedding?

A garden wedding is a ceremony and/or reception held outdoors, usually with an indoor room or marquee available in case of bad weather. They're great for people who love to be outside and value the health aspects of daylight and fresh air. Couples often marry in a church or registry office and then use a garden for a blessing by a celebrant or officiant - and for the reception. 

Are garden wedding receptions cheaper than other venues?

They can expensive or inexpensive, depending on the number of guests, the drinks, the food and other hospitality. Costs can be very low in a private garden. In heritage gardens and historic homes they can be high or low, depending on what you plan.

Are gardens good for wedding photography?

Yes. A great advantage of garden weddings is that they are very good for photography, because natural light is sweeter and kinder than artificial light, and mist is the kindest of all. Gardens offer great opportunities for ‘magic moment’ photographs and this is especially so in historic gardens, because they’ve been loved and cared for generation after generation. Gardens, like people, are never twice the same. They grow and they flower and they renew  themselves every morning and every evening. So outdoor garden weddings are unique events.

Another attractive feature of garden weddings is that they’re always the right size, as are marquees.    Many people go for big weddings. Others like micro weddings. It’s the same with costs. Garden weddings can be lavish - or delightfully inexpensive. If the sun shines or the rain falls it will do so everywhere in the outdoor locality.


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Details of the 12 garden wedding venues shown in the video:

  1. Hever Castle Garden + see video of wedding in Hever Castle Garden 
  2. The Queen's House in Greenwich Park + see video of wedding in the Queen's House
  3. Arley Hall garden 
  4. Caerhays Castle Garden 
  5. Abbaye de Fontfroide Jardin 
  6. Descanso Garden 
  7. Shofu-So, Fairmount Park 
  8. Sezincote Garden 
  9. Mirabell Schloss Garten + see video of wedding in Mirabelle Garden
  10. Villa del Balbianello Giardino + see video of wedding in Vila del Balbianello Garden 
  11. Schwerin Schlossgarden + see video of wedding in Schwerin Castle Garden
  12. Jagmandir Island Udaipur + see video of wedding in Jagmandir Island Garden

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