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The universal appeal of beachfront real estate means that a sea view, or even proximity to a beach, will automatically increase the value of the property. The extent of this increase varies considerably from location to location.

Many beach houses are secondary or holiday homes rather than a primary residences. Escaping to the seaside is a popular way of recharging and relaxing away from the pressures of modern life.

A beach house could be anything from a luxury mansion to a humble beach hut (though be warned - the price may not be correspondingly humble), situated anywhere from the harbour of a busseling metropolis to some remote corner of the planet where you are likely to have the beach to yourself.

Beach huts have a achieved something of a cult status. In 2004, beach huts peaked at £160,000 in Mudeford, Dorset (England) with no electricity, no water, in fact no mod cons at all. Away from Mudeford, it is possible to buy a beach hut for a fraction of this price.

The most famous beach house and garden of the late twentieth century was made by the filmmaker, Derek Jarman. It was a real celebration of the local scenery with beachcombed materials and plants used for all the construction work.

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Medium beach house stives original

Beach house, St Ives, Cornwall, England

Medium beach huts nurbis original

Beach huts, Nubris, Australia

Medium jarman beach garden original

Jarman's beach garden

Medium jarman beach house original

Jarman's beach house